Pitt Beats Rice, Scheduling Strategies, & Cheating in College Sports

Finally, for the first time in the 2017 season Pitt did exactly what it should — dominate an inferior opponent. That being the case, we have mostly good things to discuss in this week’s episode! Max Browne was slingin’ it, the receivers were catching it, and Pitt racked up the points. On defense, it was a solid effort from a lot of young players. There were question marks — the offensive line, running backs, etc. — and we talk about them, too.

Then we move on to talk about our confidence levels headed into the Syracuse game. What are the chances Pitt can go on the road and win? Also, what type of scheduling approach would you prefer Pitt to take with its non-conference schedule? A harder schedule like this year, or softer like in years past? And lastly, we dig into the college basketball scandal that resulted in Rick Pitino’s firing and discuss cheating in college sports. All that, and more, in Episode 257!


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