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The Chris and Dan Podcast is a weekly production of Pittsburgh sports talk from the fans’ perspective. Chris Gates and Dan Knopp — long-time friends and Pittsburgh sports fans — get together up to five times a week and talk about the latest in sports along with any other random topics on their minds.

The podcast emerged as an idea between the two after conversations about how dull and jaded Pittsburgh sports coverage had become. In an attempt to liven things up and connect with fans on a more organic level, Chris and Dan began podcasting in the Fall of 2015. They’ve been going strong (depending on your definition of “strong”) ever since.

The show has been able to connect with fans with the creation of events like Pitt Twitter Tailgate, as well as yearly contests like the “Chris and Dan Podcast Bowl Pick ‘Em Spectacular” and the “Monumental Chris and Dan Podcast March Madness Challenge”.

The podcast has even spawned new productions, such as the Brunch Breakdown Podcast — a once monthly mashup of all things sports, entertainment, other ramblings, and of course, brunch, with our friend D.D.

The goal of the podcast is to keep things light and remember why we follow sports: It’s fun.

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